Lifestyle photography is a great passion that fuels my life. I love capturing my subjects in natural settings, immersed in life, doing the things they love that makes them unique. This to me is the best of both worlds, combining the preparedness of studio work with the candid nature of lifestyle photography, and turning it into my own expression of art.

I even take the candid approach to my Boudoir sessions. To me, boudoir is not about the pose or the sexy lingerie — although that is often a gorgeous add-on — boudoir is all about baring one’s soul in order to capture the real beauty. YOU!

My gift is to see and bring out the wonder in front of me through pictures.

In the purest sense of the word, what I do is not photography.
What moves my entire life is deep connection — I yearn to see the soul of another and capture their true essence.

Sessions are exclusive appointments; I believe that taking the time to connect with my clients and working with them at their own pace and comfort makes all the difference in the world in the final result.